Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) as the threat to global health has gained highly attention recently. The current clinical difficulties include long diagnostic time about 2-3 days and the limitation of examining only single antibiotic susceptibility test (AST), which make treating multi-drug resistant (MDR) bacteria precisely a tough mission to carry out.


MedFluid FAST applied microfluidics to integrate clinical practice into a single chip. This lab-on-a-chip product can shrink the diagnostic time into 1.5 hours for bacteria identification and another 5 hours for AST. It is the unprecedented product being able to evaluate synergy between multiple antibiotics to identify personalized antibiotic combination. MedFluid reinforces appropriate antibiotic use though fast and accurate diagnostics and thus mitigate the generation of AMR.

Fast Cartridge 


Advantage and Feature

The cartridge of antimicrobial susceptibility test for combination therapy

Automated liquid manipulation in a micro-scale

Investigation of synergistic / antagonistic effects of cocktail drugs

Up to 3 drugs combinations with 12 different concentrations