Attended CES 2021 as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups
  Selected into IAPS Access to Asia Program
  6 Taiwan and U.S. invention patents application
  4 Patents transferring from NCKU

  Filing 6 microfluidic patents


  2 Patents transferring from NTHU
  Earned Entrepreneurship funding from Subsidies & Incentives for Taipei Industry (SITI)
  Selected into IAPS Access to Asia Program
  Selected into 3rd TAIRA DEMO DAY
  2020 WeScale Challenges, TBD20: WeScale Pitch Event, First Prize Award
  Selected into 2020 MOST Health Tech Training Program, get connected with Europe hospital
  Selected into the top 20 teams from 2020 MOST Taiwan’s top 10 coolest Tech Startups


  Selected into France-Taiwan Startup Immersion Program, Training and Product Demonstration in Paris and Grenoble
  Top 10 teams of B2MC Taiwan, Bridge to MassChallenge
  Selected into Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Silicon Valley Subsidy Program
  5th NTHU Garage: The Best Team
  MOST From IP to IPO (FITI) Program 109-1: Entrepreneur outstanding award
  Innovex pitch contest 2019 in COMPUTEX: Grand Prize & Startup Terrace Award
  Selected into Center Ventures, Center Innovation Program
  6th NTHU Entrepreneur Days Competition: First Prize Award
  Ministry of Science Taiwan (MOST), TTA Prototyping Program funding
  EC-SOS, Ministry of Education Taiwan, Top Maker Award
  Top 10 teams of Taiwan Phoenix Project