• TOP 12 Medical Start-up of 2022 MEDICA START-UP COMPETITION
  • Out of the Shell Enterprise Award from 2022 Taiwan Small And Medium Enterprise Administration Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Selected into 4th PwC′s Scale-up Program




  • Attended CES 2021 as one of the 100 featured Taiwanese startups
  • Selected into IAPS Access to Asia Program  
  • 6 Taiwan and U.S. invention patents application
  • 4 Patents transferring from NCKU
  • Filing 6 microfluidic patents




  • 2 Patents transferring from NTHU
  • Earned Entrepreneurship funding from Subsidies & Incentives for Taipei Industry (SITI)
  • Selected into 3rd TAIRA DEMO DAY
  • 2020 WeScale Challenges, First Prize Award




  • Selected into France-Taiwan Startup Immersion Program, Training and Product Demonstration in Paris and Grenoble
  • Top 10 teams of B2MC Taiwan, Bridge to MassChallenge
  • Selected into Taiwan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Plug & Play Accelerator
  • The 5th NTHU Garage: The Best Team
  • MOST From IP to IPO (FITI) Program 109-1: Entrepreneur outstanding award
  • Innovex pitch contest 2019 in COMPUTEX: Grand Prize & Startup Terrace Award
  • Selected into Center Ventures, Center Innovation Program
  • 6th NTHU Entrepreneur Days Competition: First Prize Award
  • Ministry of Science Taiwan (MOST), TTA Prototyping Program funding
  • EC-SOS, Ministry of Education Taiwan, Top Maker Award
  • Selected into Taiwan Phoenix Project
  • Ministry of Education Taiwan (MOE), Training Program on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Biomedicine and New Agriculture, Silver Award of Biomedicine, Award for the best popularity and Most Potential Award