About Us


MedFluid was founded in 2019. 

We are committed to develop microfluidic platforms for rapid detection tools of disease diagnosis and precision treatments to improve the health and well-being of patients. 

Currently our main products were automated microfluidic systems based on integrated pneumatic membrane-type microfluidic chips,  providing rapid detection of infectious diseases as well as in-vitro drug susceptibility test. In addition to developing microfluidic-based diagnostics technologies,  we also offer ODM services for the customized microfluidic chip and its control system across different biomedical applications. 

MedFluid aims to be the world’s leading design house for biochip, providing tailored solutions of personalized precision medical treatment.


Our Values



With microfluidics as our core technique, we are committed to improve health quality of human beings by supporting affordable and precise diagnostics


To be the leading technology provider for microfluidic-based solutions from Taiwan to global